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I found you on line although we live very close to each other. I was looking for a Chihuahua puppy companion.

I had new neighbors who had five dogs, all of them mistreated and neglected. One was a darling, teeny-tiny "teacup" Chihuahua. He was malnourished and shut outside in all kinds of inclement weather and allowed to roam freely in busy traffic. I often scooped him out of the streets, but I was reluctant to start a feud with new neighbors by boldly expropriating their dog. I told you about it, and you offered to scan him for an ID chip.  No ID chip. We suspected that he had never been vaccinated or treated by a vet, so you gave him a distemper combo shot, worm medication, and a supply of NutraCal and expensive, high nutrition dog food. You brushed aside my offer to pay you, and offered  help for the dog if I decided to make a rescue attempt from my neighbors. I didn't do it.  I should have. He was run over and killed not long after. I still grieve that I didn't firmly confront my neighbors over him. 

I had already fallen in love, though, with a new Chihuahua puppy you had bred and were preparing for adoption. When she was old enough, I took her home and named her Vaya. She is everything I hoped for: cute, funny, sweet, and smart, a precious little member of our family. I wish I had saved the other one, but I'll always take care of Vaya and treasure the love and joy she gives us.

Just as you committed to rescue a little maltreated dog, you've pledged your best intentions toward Vaya as a lifetime member of the WeBePups family. I'm glad we live close and can enjoy the warm welcome and support each time we come back for a visit.  Thanks for everything.

Linda Lee


Hi Bill:

Gene wanted me to mention that "we've got another good one" to you. Maddox is an absolute love. Genuinely. Scrappy loves him, and we love him even more - it's a match made in heaven.

Thanks again,

Scrappy and Maddox are getting along FAMOUSLY. Mostly slept through the night, although Maddox did pee in his crate (awwww -- maybe it was too many hours to expect him to be OK all night long). A little howling and whining, but otherwise no problems. The key now is finding him some CLOTHES and a HARNESS small enough to fit him. Good lord we didn't know he was so tiny.

The two best dogs ALIVE!!!!!! THANK YOU BILL!!!!!

Hi Bill!

Just took him to his first Vet appointment. The doc went on and on and on about how ADORABLE he is but also how CLEAR and CONCISE and UP-TO-DATE and perfect your health records were. She even said, "I wish ALL our puppies came with records like these."

She suggested we start Maddox on some Purina Puppy Chow (chicken and rice mix) instead of your ProPac - not sure why. Any thoughts? She agreed it was too early for his final vaccination and we're going to have him get it next week instead. Other than that, all is well.

Laurie and Gene


Hello Bill,

Jack is doing great!  He is such a “lovey” dog and so full of energy.   Sophie had just one day (Saturday) when she was a little snarly with Jack and I think it was just reality setting in, but she is playing with him and sleeps with him each night in the kennel.  Jack really tries to avoid that kennel at night and we even played a game of catch me if you can the other night!  Jack bounds out of that kennel in the morning all ready for a day of activity.  He even likes the snow, not so fond of the rain we got last night though.  He is so darn smart by Friday afternoon he knew that he had to stop on the landing when he came in to be dried off.  And the treat cabinet is a good place to sit and look really sweet!  Today is his first day at home alone with Sophie.  I felt bad for Sophie when the gates went up and her pillow was moved into the kitchen/dinning room area.  You could just see her thinking, “what did I do?”  But it is only for two days and then Mark is on vacation and mine starts on Friday afternoon. 

Hello Bill and Angie,

Well now that it has been a month and we have gotten through the Holidays I thought I would drop you a note.

Jack is doing absolutely wonderful.  We have not had one accident and his personality is just shinning.  He is a lover and has the attitude that it is all about Jack and will make sure you know it!  He loves to play outside as much and as often as he can make that happen.  His favorite past time right now is to go outside and bury his entire head in the snow and sniff around along with getting his daily fiber content by chewing on sticks and twigs he finds.  Jack discovered the use of the bell!  Oh yes we have one busy bell in our house, between he and Sophie we get the point that they want out.  I watched a bell ringing war the other day, it was actually quite impressive as they took turns ringing it till one of us came and let them out. 

We took Jack in the meet Dr. Janet after the New Year and once again she is so impressed with your record keeping and the health of your puppies.  Dr. Janet commented that of all the puppies she has seen purchased via long distance yours are by far the healthiest and best kept puppies!  Congratulations! 

Jack weighs just shy of 15# and is doing great health wise.  I felt sorry for the little guy.  Seems like every time he is put in the car he is thrust into a new situation.  First being his flight home to us, then he is here just two weeks and we take him to the kennel for 10 days (he was just shaking when he got into the truck after picking him up from the kennel.  He probably thought he had lost us too.) and then we take him to the vet. 

But despite all his adventures I think he has it figured out he is here to stay and has settled right in.  He actually went into the kennel at bedtime two nights in a row.  He still takes EVERY toy out of the toy box and spreads them throughout the living room.  I've given up picking them up until bedtime!  I learn slowly.  Sophie and he play, wrestle, and sleep side by side, they even eat out of the food bowl at the same time.

I am attaching some pictures of Jack and a couple of Sophie.  One of the pictures looks like Sophie is saying to Jack "here let me help you get that parka off."

Once again thank you for the wonderful blessings you raise for all of us to love!

We'll keep in touch, enjoy the pictures and Blessings in the new year.

Mark & Renee


Hi Bill,

Thank you for everything, she is safe with us at home, we took some pics so u can see her with us, my kids decided to call her Sunny... she is adorable, everyone in the house is in love with her..

thanks again...



I thought you would like to hear that Laci is doing fine. She is extremely playful and loves to lay in the bed. She went to the Vet Thursday and he said everything appeared to be fine with her and that she was healthy. I have attached some pictures for you and will be sending another email with a few more.

I just wanted to update you on little Laci. She is a happy little ball of energy. She loves to be outside. She likes looking, growling, and barking at the cows at my house. We have two other mini schnauzers and she loves playing with the younger one and learns lessons from the older, I think they are jealous though, Laci gets all the attention. She is still as adorable as ever and we love her very much. Adam thinks she loves him the most, but is jealous that she spends her nights with me :). She's a spoiled little girl. On Thursdays we work at my dad's clinic and everybody loves her when they walk in... she gets treats from the fed ex lady as well... we are all very happy with our pretty Laci girl. We will continue to keep you up to date! Again thanks for everything.

Adam & Lee Ann


All is well with little Missy.  Her first night she slept with Jade, but, early the next morning I heard Jade do a serious growl, so, I got up with them.  Last night I tried to put her in Jade's cage and she growled and snapped, so, I put her in her own crate facing Pearls and she didn't make a sound all night.  I think Jade is a little jealous.  Pearl wants to play, but, she gets a little rough just because she is so much bigger.  No accidents in the house so far.  She seems to know what outside is for.  She is loving to cuddle with us and is slowly meeting my large family.  Everyone loves her too.

So, now our hearts are full to overflowing again and we can't thank you enough.  We will definitely keep you up to date on all of them and will send pictures.  You guys are great.!  Thanks again for all you have done for us.



Hey Bill,

Jasmine is doing great!!!! She has fit right in. I have to say I am absolutely amazed with her. She is so calm and just loves being held. She is sleeping in the bed with us and loves sleeping on her back with all four legs threw up in the air and won't move an inch till morning! LOL  We appreciate you so much for this little angel we have added to our family!!!


How are you doing? Well it has almost been a year since Jasmine came into our lives. She is doing great! We could not have found a better fit for our family! She is so loving and calm! Honestly, she is getting quite spoiled but we would not change a thing! She is so beautiful and we cannot take her anywhere that people don't stop us and tell us how beautiful they think she is!! Thank you again for this little angel!!! Take care! I hope you enjoy the pics!

Crystal Fletcher


Just wanted to let you know how MoonDoggie is doing . He is the joy of our family and has given us many hours of pleasure. He is so cute and we get a lot and I mean a lot of complements on him. He was no problem training and did very well. He is a smarty.

He went to school and stole the show there, and has a Certificate from "Leader of the Pack Canine Center LLC". He satisfactorily completed training in manners. He has made great friends with our cats and now we are all a happy family...they run and play with him and he is very protective of them as well as with us.

He loves to go in the semi and thinks it is his truck. He can even pick out his truck in a line of trucks. My hubby has nicknamed him International Trucker Dog.... we are getting ready to go out to VA in the morning and he is going with us... "he is spoiled rotten"! 

He really loves to go to his groomer where Jill makes him feel so handsome and she spoils him too as she really likes Schnauzers and has a giant one herself.

So thank you for everything - love and blessings to you both, say hello to Angie for us.

Love the Owens Clan, from Minnesota


Hi Bill from the land of snow.

This is the first chance I have had to get to the computer. Have been busy with little Jack since he arrived.

What a cutie. He and Scooter are getting along splendidly. Scooter is so happy to have someone who will play "chase me" with him. Oh yes, being a puppy he is at Scooter all the time, and Scooter tires of it, but he has been good with Jack. Scooter usually will jump up on my bed to get away from the little guy, it's funny. He use to run upstairs, but Jack has mastered the stairs now, so Scooter uses my bed. I know in a couple months that won't be a safe haven for him either, but by then Jack should be a little less "bitey". I had forgotten how much puppies like to bite and chew.

Jack wanted no part of being "house broken". I tried the paper route, puppy pads, etc. He thought they were the best toys in the world. Within a couple days, he would go to the kitchen door and cry to go out. I would take him out on his leash and he would do his business, then play a bit. I was flabbergasted, figured it was a fluke, but I think he has been imitating Scooter. Now that's the only place Jack will go. Oh sure, if I am in the shower or something and can't be near him when he has to go, being so young he can't hold it that long and he might have the occasional accident, but for the most part it's outside. It's fantastic. My dog's a genius!!

He is napping right now, and as soon as he wakes he will go to the kitchen door and cry to go out. I must say, I am getting my exercise. We have an invisible fence, having an acre it was too expensive to fence in with traditional fencing. Scooter took to it real quick and I am sure Jack will too, when the time comes. He is still too young to train on that, and frankly he is too little to be out there without supervision. Heck, we have rabbits bigger than him getting swooped up by hawks, owls, etc. So it's good for me, get my exercise and he loves being out. When it's real cold out, I have to force him to come in because he gets too cold. He loves to romp in the snow!! But the vet gave him a clean bill of health and he is just thriving.

So just wanted to let you know that he is doing well, and is well loved. I will try to get some pictures to send you from time to time so you can see his progress.

Hope all is well with you and yours, and thank you again for such a little bundle of joy!

Just wanted to give you an update on how Jack is doing. He is wonderful. He is growing and thriving and is a happy little guy. He and Scooter play all day, and then Scooter will jump on my bed if he wants a "time out" from Jack. I am sure in another month or so Jack will be able to jump up there, so Scooter will lose his sanctuary!

I have only had the little guy two weeks and I still can't get over how he is completely house broken!! He started the second day wanting to go outside and it's been that way ever since. When he gets up from a nap I automatically take him outside and during the day he will go to the back door and cry to go out. It's been a miracle. I have never seen a dog that did that so quickly.

He loves the snow, but I have to be careful and make sure he isn't out there too long, he gets cold and will shiver and shake and still want to stay outside if I let him!! He's not a big fan of rain, but I don't know too many dogs that are!

He sleeps with me at night, and when it's time for bed he prances right into the room and stands up on the side of the bed, wanting to be picked up and placed there. It's so cute. He just cuddles right up to you and sleeps right through the night. I usually wake up before he does, but if he does get up before you, he comes up and starts licking your eyes and nose. He's so funny.

I will send you some pictures soon. My daughter is the camera buff around here. I will have her take some recent shots of him and will send some to you.

Hope all is well with you and your family. Looks like Jack's litter mates have almost all gone to good homes. Hope the little female that's left goes to one soon.

You take care, and just wanted to thank you again for such a sweet, healthy, little puppy.

Kathi Wood


I thought I would send some recent pictures of Izzy. We are so happy that we have her, she is a special part of our family.

I just wanted to let you know Izzy is still doing great. We had her spayed last month and she weighed a little over 5 pounds, she had no problems at all and was wanting to run and play the next day. I do have a question, she loves to play, and she destroys every toy that we buy for her. The only one that she has not destroyed is the green bone that you sent with her, she still plays with it everyday. We have not been able to find that brand. I was hoping you could tell me where you got it and if there is a web site for them. Thanks and I will update new pictures of her soon

Ann N


I wanted to give you an update on Roxie. She is doing great, and will be making her first visit to the Vet tomorrow. She for some reason has become very spoiled, and has a mind of her own, and lets you know what is on her mind. We have made a baby Pac-And-Play her bed, and does she ever like that, but this is second choice for sleeping, first choice is on the lap, or curled up in the neck, as close as she can get. She has become my Mom's shadow, and always between the feet, everywhere she goes. One day she decided Mom needed her slippers on and she brought her one of them, but refused to go back and get the other one. Roxie has so many new toys, and runs after them when you throw them, but only brings them half way back, so we are not sure who is learning to fetch better, Roxie or Mom. She has brought so much joy into Mom's life, and has put so many smiles back on her face, and to us this means so much. Tomorrow we will be taking pictures of our visit to the Vet, and we will email you a picture. I think Roxie is HAPPY with her new home, and her new MOMMY.

Dear Mr and Mrs Mullen

Just had to let you know that I own the sweetest, most lovable Dachshund that ever walked on four legs. You can also mix just enough mischief that adds to her personality.

I wouldn't trade her for all the money in the world, we are inseparable. Thank You so much for this four legged little lady, She is a GEM.

Wanda Jones


Hi Bill !

Just wanted to give you an update on how Jade is doing.  Hope you don't miss her too much.  She has definitely made herself comfortable in our home and we love her a lot.  She has the cutest personality and she holds her own with Pearl, who is a bit jealous.  We give both of them equal love though.  They keep us quite busy with trips outside and playing with the toys.  My living room looks like a romper room !  She has taken to sleeping on my shoes that I keep by the door.  She is still sticking her little tongue out and I have gotten some good pictures.

Yesterday she had an upset stomach and I gave her some of the medicine you sent, and she seemed to be better today.  She is sleeping good through the night.  I keep her crate on top of Pearls so they are still close and she seems to be very comfortable with that.  When I speak to her she tilts her little head from one side to the other and makes me laugh.  And that feels good.  She is filling her half sisters paws pretty good.

Pearl got groomed yesterday and she is looking beautiful.  Have you been able to get her pictures on your web site yet ?  If so, where might I find them ?  I check almost every day to see if Jade's brothers have been adopted yet.  It would be great if I could get someone I know to buy one so that she could see them often.  I'm working on that.

Thanks again Bill for everything.  We love Jade and Pearl and hope to have many happy years with them.  We'll keep you updated on their progress with pictures and such.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving !

Raeleen and Ed


Hi Bill:

Wanted to give you an update after a full day with our sweetheart! He has broken out of his shyness, for sure! He has become the alpha, the little monster!!! He's putting Noah, the Schnauzer in his place and he's 3 x smaller - oh, I hope he stays small; finally after Noah torturing the Shar-Pei all these years, he met his match! 

He's SO adorable, especially when he looks up at you with those half moon eyes! He's eating, including treats well, drinking and we have to watch him-he does like to chew on various things besides toys! He sleeps great in the crate-we take him out a couple times a night.

We really appreciate the package-haven't had a chance to read it all, but the heartworm, ear med and everything are a big help. Was going to get his heartworm tomorrow when he goes for a check. Think I'll be able to do at least his nails for now...I have a groomer that comes to our house about every 2 mos for Noah.

Had to go to church last evening for an hour and we took him! He behaved well. Ya'll have a special place there, especially when you buy a pet and he's already so well behaved and everything, and even more than you said he would be! We've already started his training and he's responding very well-smart little guy like the other two! The others feel misplaced at this time, but that will subside shortly. Well, we'll keep you posted with mails, calls, and pics. Like you said, it's such a busy time, but thanks once again for making this a special Xmas!

Steve, Pam, Sheba, Noah, & Bogey 


Darby is just a joy to have in my home.  We sleep together and we have an understanding about me not being a morning person.  We get up between 8 and 9 am!  He goes everywhere with me and everyone makes a big fuss over him. He knows he is cute.  We went to the vet on Monday and he got a shot, and didn't like that at all.   A trainer is coming tomorrow to show me how to introduce him to the grandkids.  Darby and I are flying to Connecticut for the holidays and my six grandkids can't wait.  I bought him a travel case from Lands End with his Name on it.  I had his picture taken with Santa and it is going to be my Christmas Card, I will send you one.  He is now 4 lbs 5 oz.  He is completely potty trained......or maybe I am, no accidents in the house!  I love him and he keeps me very busy  and happy


Today Darby is seven months old, he is such a great pal.  He is a hit wherever we go especially with children.  We were back home visiting the kids and friends in March and we stayed at a friends house with a cat who scared Darby half to death.  Thank God it was cold and rainy and he had a raincoat on, which  saved him from my friend's cat's paws.  Needless to say he doesn't like cats anymore!!!!! 

I saw on your website that Kennedy and Tess had a litter, do any of them look like Darby???  I have given your website to many people, they all want a dog like Darby.  I groom him myself and he still has a great face.  After a bath he is still very white and fluffy. He has a line of black fur down the middle of his back.  He still hits the bell to go out and when we were away we slept in 4 different homes and he never had an accident in the house.

I haven't had him fixed yet, I really don't want to do it to him.  He is about 8 pounds, I hope he doesn't get too much bigger.  He is a perfect size.

When will the new puppies pictures be up on your site?

Hope all is well with you and your family



Dear Bill and Angie,

Shamrock is doing so well.  She has quickly learned to come, sit and shake hands.  We are now doing the fetch and give.  She is so sweet and a treasure to everyone she meets.  Sometimes I take her to work with me (I am in sales) and melt the hearts of anyone from nursing home residents to the Army National Guard Servicemen/Women. She is really funny with her affectionate licking attacks   You can't help but laugh, squint and endure the show of affection.  Shelby loves her and so does her brother, Harrison.  She has taken to all of us and loves to sleep with any of us.  Clearly, Shelby is her favorite.

She is the perfect lovely dog and the most hysterical "on a mission " dog when it comes to her play toys.   She makes us laugh so much!!  Harrison and I were playing Mokney in the Middle with her the other night and she made more baskets than us.  Her ball went under the couch in one round and she fearlessly dove under to get it and quickly emerged with a fabric sheet instead.

We about died laughing at the magic trick.

She's a blast and we love her SOOOOO Much!!!

Thanks for doing such a get job with Shamrock.  She is someone we all look forward to seeing, holding and being licked to blazes by every day.


Trisha T


Hi Angie and Bill,

Thank you for Emma,s  birthday card - she loves it so much she ate part of it! She is doing very well, digging holes in our backyard and playing with my neighbors dogs Tiki and Liberty, but most of the time she is watching TV with my daughter-Emma is her baby. She is a very good little girl, she just doesn't like when I wash her favorite yellow blanket. My friends love her so much that she is thinking of buying a dog from you for her birthday.  I am sending some of her pictures from Easter and her birthday.  Thank You again for EMMA.

Beata Gliwa and family


Hi there,

I received Bella-Chanel as a birthday gift from my boyfriend, and I must say I absolutely love her! She is getting so big, it's amazing. She has a wonderful personality and is very loving. We are getting ready to move into a house, and I am looking forward to her have a big backyard for her to run around in. I will attach some pictures of her, and hopefully be able to send you many more. thank you for having such a wonderful little girl!


Just thought I would send you some updated pictures of Bella-Chanel, she is turning into such a beautiful dog! She has so much energy; It is so hard for me to get her to come inside she loves being outside. You weren't lying when you said she promised to eat all her food, because she follows through with that promise! Thank you once again.

Katrina R


If you believe in the Law of Attraction, you'll understand why Scrappy has made the perfect addition to our family. My husband and I are deeply in love, and have been, since the day we met, just six short years ago. Wanting to bring a little bit of canine love into our lives, I starting scoping PuppyFind.Com under the "Mini Dachshund" search heading and came up with over six HUNDRED pups from which to choose. Whether it was meant to be, whether it was fate, or whether it was that pesky Law of Attraction, I honed in on little Scrappy and within a day of contacting We Be Pups, got exactly the response I was hoping to get -- he's available, he is loved, and his owner shared with me that every morning, he has coffee with his "beautiful bride". My husband still calls me his "beautiful wife". This was the breeder for me. And I received nothing short of caring, responsive, concerned, attentive, patience, and generosity all the way from my initial contact through Scrappy's plane ride home. He's a happy, healthy, loving little dog and the care he was given by his previous Momma and Papa at We Be Pups is abundantly clear on a daily basis. He loves to roll over and have his belly rubbed, he loves to walk on his leash (already, for a four month old pup!), and best of all, he loves his new home. Thank you so much for helping to bring this little joy into our lives - he truly is an example of that which must exist in yours.

... Our local vet told us, first off, that your medical records were FABULOUS and that I should pass on the word to you that she thought so (so thank you a million for that)...

Just wanted to share the wonderful news and thank you again. Scrappy has fit in PERFECTLY, just as you said.

Just thought I'd check in to say (AGAIN) that Scrappy has to be, hands down, the SWEETEST dog on Planet Earth. Seriously. Every night, he watches TV with my husband and I on the downstairs couch. Last night in particular, I was laying down myself on one end of the couch. Before I knew it, Scrappy had crawled up under my CHIN, rolled into a little ball, laid down and fell asleep. As the minutes and hours wore on, he was eventually in such a position that he was on his back, his head was curled under my chin and neck, his little arms were up in the air across his body, and he was just sleeping soundly.

This little Doxie is SO sweet. SO loving. SO well-behaved. My husband and I have absolutely fallen in love with him -- and we have you to thank - for caring for him so lovingly and gently that clearly, he has fit right in with our family and we cannot imagine our lives without him.

Thanks again!!!!

Laurie & Gene

Airabella ("Baby Bella")

I surely have enjoyed my new baby who now has been named the following:  Smith's Airabella Canton Hall which we plan to call her "Baby Bella".  She is the joy of my day, although she will never replace my precious Sadie Canton in my life, she sure has helped me in a time in my life when I thought my heart would truly break in two.

Sadie Canton was the first Schnauzer that I had ever owned.  She stole my heart the first hour of our lives together, I knew after that I would never own any breed but a Schnauzer. 

Next to my daughter Nikki and my grandkids my puppies are my life.  I live by myself and they very much keep me company and I love them so much.

It gives me so much pleasure to know that there are other wonderful people in the world that love and cherish their babies the way that I do.  My daughter has spoken very highly of you and the way in which you conduct your business with your babies.  So many people just breed, and sell and do not care after that.  Nikki, unknown to me the day after I lost my Sadie Canton, had talked with different breeders. She told me there was just something that told her you and your wife were the direction to follow and I am so thankful that she did.  She could have looked the world over and not found a better baby for me.  Baby Bella also reminds me very much of my precious Sadie Canton.

I am emailing you guys some pictures of Baby Bella, although you may not recognize her, Nikki and I groomed her Wednesday night, she did great for us.  I will also send you a picture of my Sadie Canton and a little history about us together for your memorial site.   

Thanks again for everything and I will be in contact.

Just wanted to let you know that I received Baby Bella's registration, and thought you might like to see a few pictures of her. She is 5 months old now, is she not a little beauty. She is definitely my baby, She makes every step that I make. I have to share my chair with her where ever I sit. She dearly loves to play and run with my grandbabies. I have enjoyed your new website, it is very easy to use.

Kathy & Baby Bella


Hi, it was such a pleasure meeting you and your family last week.  Sophia and Olivia are sweet little girls and we are so happy that we got them.  They are getting spoiled!   Thanks again!!!!!

Tasha Y


Hi Bill!

All is well.  Pearl said to thank you for the birthday card.  How cool was that ?!!!!!!!!!

Jade is doing well and getting pretty round!  She has a very healthy appetite! 

Missy is as sweet as can be.  She hates the rain though.  It was pretty wet last night and she didn't want to do her business till I brought out the umbrella.  Little Princess!  She has quite a bite on her.  When she gets all excited playing with her sisters and I pick her up, I have to be careful.  She bites hard.  Other times she is just so lovable.  Our house and our hearts are full.  They are all so special and unique and we just love them to pieces.  We are off to camp tonight after work and they love going there.  I'll have to fence in an area there too when the snow is gone and the ground has thawed.  Jade likes to wander off and not come when she's called.  May do some dog training classes in the future also.  Every little bit helps.

Well Bill, have a nice week-end and thanks again for the card.


Lola Jayne

Hi  there,

Jack and Lola arrived safely and are adjusting to their new home very well. They even slept through the night without a peep. Turk and Caico (our 4 yr old schnauzers) are trying to figure out if this is permanent or just a visit but they definitely like the puppy food!

The flight, pick-up and drive home were absolutely seamless. It could not have been any easier.  You guys definitely thought of everything!  Thank you very much for the adorable puppies and a top notch experience.

Thought you might enjoy the attached 'first picture at home'.  We will send more soon.

Thanks again Bill and family!

It really was a great buying experience and I can't tell you how much we appreciate the thorough information, receipts, puppy kit, etc.  It was really nerve racking to search and buy over the internet from someone you don't know.  Your quick responses, thoroughness and professionalism made me feel much more confident.  Adopting these two puppies exceeded the good experience we had in purchasing our first two schnauzers.  The puppies look healthy, happy and also seem to have great temperaments, I really think you do a great job.

I attached an updated photo of Lola Jayne and Jack Hilton with our 2 older mini schnauzers Turk & Caico.  Lola and Jack are now 6 1/2 months old and doing very well in their new home.  Great personalities and all four dogs get along very well.  Although, Turk & Caico do occasionally remind Jack & Lola who's boss.:-) 

Craig, Marcia, Lauren, Garrett, Turk, Caico, Jack & Lola


My fiancé and I bought a six month puppy from you, his name is Oden. He is the sweetest puppy either of us has ever owned, very sharp and lively. Needless to say, we absolutely love him.

When we got Oden he was six months old, an older fellow, and had all of his shots taken care of by you guys (We Be Pups). On the first week that we had him we took him to the Vet. To our surprise, Oden was the talk of the day at the clinic. The Vet and all of the assistants were so impressed with his paper work, just how everything was so detailed and so neat. They all commented on it and said that it was the best paper work they had ever seen for a puppy. I was very honest and didn't take the credit. I let them know that I had just gotten the puppy and that the paper work they were complimenting on came from the breeder. They could not believe it. The vet was amazed to see that a breeder would take so much time and create such an elaborate and detailed record for a puppy. I felt so proud, but I knew I had done nothing except pick you. So I had to let you know how professionals feel about the work you are doing. By their reaction I can easily say that you guys are doing an amazing job and that every puppy that is born under your care is very blessed.

I am so happy with Oden that I have been telling everyone about him. Knowing what a great place We Be Pups is, we recommend it to everyone we know. I am so pleased with everything you guys have done. And I guess a great example of this is that we would feel completely comfortable to leave our baby with you guys while we are out of town.

Once again, Thanks! Bill & Angie, we appreciate what you have done and are glad there are good dog breeders out there who will take good care of the puppies and treat them as if they were your own.

Viveca and Jeremy

Jack Hilton

Hi  there,

Jack and Lola arrived safely and are adjusting to their new home very well. They even slept through the night without a peep. Turk and Caico (our 4 yr old schnauzers) are trying to figure out if this is permanent or just a visit but they definitely like the puppy food!

The flight, pick-up and drive home were absolutely seamless. It could not have been any easier.  You guys definitely thought of everything!  Thank you very much for the adorable puppies and a top notch experience.

Thought you might enjoy the attached 'first picture at home'.  We will send more soon.

Thanks again Bill and family!

I attached an updated photo of Lola Jayne and Jack Hilton with our 2 older mini schnauzers Turk & Caico.  Lola and Jack are now 6 1/2 months old and doing very well in their new home.  Great personalities and all four dogs get along very well.  Although, Turk & Caico do occasionally remind Jack & Lola who's boss.:-) 

Craig, Marcia, Lauren, Garrett, Turk, Caico, Jack & Lola


Here are some pictures of Curtis - his 1st Halloween, with a great picture of him outside on Halloween day. He has grown into a beautiful dog and he's a little over 7 months now and so smart and well behaved, he learns fast. Thanks for helping to bring such a joy into our lives.



Thank you so much for the reminder---we were having so much fun with Harvey that we had forgotten all about the PetTrac registration.

By the way, Harvey is just absolutely amazing!! He has been with us for a little over 2 weeks and he's nearly potty trained---the bell that you sent with Harvey does wonders!!  Thank you again---he's been a joy to have at home.



Hey Bill Goliath is great. He has somewhat broken his shy stance with me. It has taken him a while he still loves to hide under the bed. However for the most part he is a verrrrrrrrry good dog. There still to this day has yet to be a SINGLE accident in this house. I can't rave enough about your dogs. You guys rock !!!!!!!!!!



Goliath's a crazy dog. He & Elvis get along so well - they love each-other it's so sweet.  Elvis pounces like a cat - we were watching them play last night & it was hilarious.  Funny dogs - Goliath bares his teeth & growls at Elvis & Elvis just looks at Goliath like he's an idiot the pounces on him.  Goliath swats Elvis in the face & it all starts over.

Very funny dogs - we love 'em!  They are so great

The dogs are still doing great - just took them to the vet and the vet says Goliath is a pig & Elvis is a sweety.  So they are doing great.



Hi Bill,

I wanted to send you some updated pictures of Lily since she's now a year old! She so precious and she is our little baby, We could not have asked for a better dog, she's just soo good. She LOVES Buddie (our other 1/2 Chihuahua 1/2 Min Pin) they can not be apart.

I saw on your updates that Romeo had a puppy with tiny and 2 puppies with Foxy? That's great! We cant wait to see pictures of them once there ready!

Thanks for a wonderful dog!

We bought Lily, a black and tan Chihuahua 2 years ago We were looking on your website lately and saw a picture of the Brown Chihuahua on there and noticed there is a picture of Romeo with him (atl least we think that's him) and I thought that was Lily's dad. I thought that when we bought Lily there were pictures of her parents on there (Romeo and Foxy) and we weren't sure if you had any more? We love looking at the pictures of who she came from.

Its amazing how much as Lily gets older she resembles Romeo. We are wondering if she might sprout some long hairs as she gets older, she seems to have a few here and there and she's even getting some white hairs through her black and tan, its so cute!

Once again I would like to thank you for such a wonderful dog! She is such a sweetheart and loves everyone! I attached a few updated pictures of her.

Mistie & Brad


I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience the entire purchase of Sophie has been.   She is such a bundle of joy that we can't imagine our lives without her now.   I know there are certain stigmas that some people wish to attach to purchasing an animal over the internet, but I can reassure you that our experience has been nothing but first class.   We Be Pups is a #1 in our eyes and should be praised for the work they are providing to the public that actually enjoys a well adjusted and loving animal.   It is very obvious to us that our Sophie has been handled lots and has been given lots of love in her first weeks of life.  Maybe if you've never been around a dog that has not felt love; you may not understand....but, I assure you, it's heart breaking.   Sophie carries herself with such pride and you can tell she feels very proud and that takes spending lots of time and love when they're new puppies.

Thanks again for making our experience such a great one.

Miss Sophie is the hit of the century here on the golf course.  Everyone has been so excited over her, I expect you will be getting calls for more just like her.  Every morning and afternoon she has to socialize...It is hilarious just to watch how she interacts with other people and their dogs. Everyone loves her...She stops to see each individual dog, because she knows where they live and waits for them to come out. She has such a personality that she draws everyone including the people to notice her.  We love her dearly, she added lots of life and love to our household.

Debbie & Clyde


The young lad is doing well for the most part.  He loves the snow, is not fond of the real cold rain/slush we had next week, but for the most part loves going outside.  He goes to the kennel with the other dogs without a problem.

He sleeps well through the night in the kennel with MacGillicuddy and they play really very well together as well.  They play tug of war and chase me.  Darby is pretty smart and after a few laps of chasing Mac will start going the other direction to head him off.  Seamus was really put out for the first few days, but seems to finally have accepted Darby and really ignores him.  They play briefly, but Seamus is not one to play anyway, so as long as they are getting along, I am happy.

Not much else to report.  He was into the vet last week, had his shots and was neutered.  I think he is about 5 lbs now, and has grown quite a bit already.  He goes for another shot around the 20th, so all is well.

We love the little mutt and he is known all over town.  He has even been to the nursing home with me to visit the elderly.  I think he will go again next week as well.

Fr. Emmanuel



Just wanted to write and say thank you for the pet id tag and all that you have done for us and Delilah.  I am sending some pictures so you can see what a pretty girl she has grown to be.  She has the sweetest personality and loves everyone.  She has become one of the family.


Delilah & The Flusche's


Toby is settling in nicely and he and Sophie are already the best of pals, that happened in the first couple of hours.  We’ve given both of them upset tummy’s with trying to change Toby over to our food and Sophie getting the food from you.  But if I remember right you told me that only last about 48 hours.  Toby is talking more to us each day and gives us a good talking when we come home each day!  He lets Mark hold him on his back and rub his belly but won’t let me do it for very long yet.  Sophie has taught Toby her favorite game of attacking feet from under the bed and hiding under there also.  We tried  to get this so cute picture of the two of them sticking their heads out from under the bed, but just as I took the picture one of them moved!

Sophie loves the treats — I am afraid she may be addicted to them.  We are trying to teach Toby to use the bell and as luck would have it Sophie has not been using it like she usually does.  Toby does try to alert us by crying and pacing somewhat and then Sophie follows him out.  He is still adjusting to this cold wet stuff though. 

I am sending along some pictures of Sophie and Toby.  He has made us his own and is doing very well.  Toby is adjusting to the snow and is playing more in it all the time.  Enjoy the pictures and I will keep you updated.

Just wanted you to know that we finally got Toby into Dr. Janet this evening. (She was on vacation)  He is of course in wonderful health and got top honors for being so good while he was being checked out.  His Great Dane appetite has him weighing in at 12#, Sophie is slightly behind at 11.8#.  Both of the kids are into a routine and doing awesome.  They know when the big pillow comes into the kitchen/dinning room and we get the gates, they just head for their pillow or the kennel and settle in for the day.  Toby still does not ask to go out as Sophie does that for him!  I have found that if Sophie is out and he is not that he will bump the back of my legs in an effort to get me to let him out, I guess it is his way of asking.  He does not have any accidents though.  He is also a tattle tale on Sophie and will come get us if he feels she has rung the bell to many times and we are not quick enough to answer.  We get talked to quite a bit!

We are so enjoying our kids.  Oh Toby is very much a daddy’s boy.  He has attached himself to Mark and even cries when Mark goes out to take the garbage out or to shovel.  Toby is going to be a sad boy when Mark leaves to travel in late March!

Sophie and Toby are doing wonderfully.  Our big boy is now tipping the scales at just over 14# while Sophie is maintaining at around 11 ˝#. Sophie now has so much chocolate coloring in her, it looks like someone spilled an whole pot of coffee with cream all down her back!  She is sooo pretty, just has big ol’ ears!  Toby is a little stinker and will talk and cry to Sophie when he does not get what he wants and uses her ears as “take down” tools.  Sophie is still the boss and lets Toby know it in no uncertain terms!  They are off together next week to be fixed and will spend the night with Dr. Janet and crew before heading back home for some rest---yeah right.  These two play like the WWE!  We so love, adore and enjoy our kids and they had such a great beginning!

Wow the new site is awesome!  You have really put a lot of work into it.  Here is the latest update on our kids:

Toby now weighs a whopping 18# and while Sophie looks petite she is all muscle and actually weighs 16#.  They are both healthy, happy and VERY energetic dogs.  Mark says I can’t call them puppies any more since they are celebrating 1st birthdays.  It is hard to believe that it was just a year ago that I was waiting for Sophie to arrive and picking out that tiny little creature.  You made an understatement when you told us Toby liked to talk.  Toby has this incredible vocal range and talks to us all the time.  When you tell him “no bark” he will come in like a typical teenager and talk back to us, it is just too funny.  Today Mark told him not to bark and not to talk back and Toby’s mouth was moving but no sound was coming out and you could just see in his eyes the whole “but Dad you don’t understand.”  Sophie is so so smart, she likes to run outside and bark just to get Toby out there with her then she runs back in and steals the chew bone or toy, the ol’ bark and bait and Toby falls for it almost every time!  They keep our lives interesting and are such a joy.

Sophie sends a kiss for the birthday card

Renee, Mark and family


Hi Bill,

I forgot to mention that wherever I go with Wolfgang people are always walking up to me and telling me how gorgeous he is and what a great 'coloring' he has.  We took  him to Panera Bread (don't know if you have those there in Oklahoma) but it's a great place for gourmet sandwiches and soup.  They have outdoor tables and chairs where a lot of folks take their dogs with them while they sip coffee or eat lunch etc.  I had 2 different people come up to me and just loved petting Wolfgang.  One person has a miniature schnauzer herself and we talked about how great their personalities are.  The other person mentioned his brother has a miniature schnauzer and the whole family is in love with him.

I absolutely LOVE Wolfgang!!  We are in the middle of dog obedience classes and he's doing well.

Wolfgang loved his B-day card.  I’ve been meaning to send you some current pictures of him and news.  We went to visit my in-laws in New York last month and took him along.  He’s a great traveler!! Loved some snow he got to play in and got along very well with my in-laws Husky.

Attached are a few pictures of Wolfey.  Hope all is well and growing with your breeding lot!

Laura B


Good morning Bill.  I was such a mess on Saturday and didn't want you to think you'd passed little Roman off to a freak!  He's just adorable and the perfect little man.  He's pretty much house broken and everyone who meets him just falls in love (just like me!).  He had a very busy weekend.  First, my parents--who fell in love with him--and that's not an easy thing--then my daughter and fiance on Sunday--now my daughter wants the brother!  Actually, I'd love the brother but just don't think I can afford him. Anyway, he went to the Dr with me on Monday in his little carrier.  He's not wild about it but took it in stride.  Of course my Dr loves schnauzers so I had to show him off.  He wanted your e-mail address so I gave him webepups.com.  I hope he can get your site from that.  If that's wrong, please let me know.  After that, we hit the road where he slept all the way home!  I walked him twice during the trip and he only wanted to play.  So I never got him to use the bathroom.

I'm trying to figure out exactly how he likes to play so if you have any suggestions.  He has wined very little and is so warm to sleep with.

I have a 2300 sq ft home, so he domains Roman's castle!  He loves to run and slide.  He's adjusted and bonded quite well.  I just thought you'd like to know.  I hope we can keep in touch--your wife is just lovely.  It must be difficult to let these little fellows go...

Hi Guys!  Well, to give you a weekly update, Roman is great!  He loves to look at himself in the mirror.  I have one mirror that leans against the wall from the floor.  Sometimes I see him just sitting there looking at himself!

He ate all the food you gave me by Sunday morning.  He's done very well with potty training.  I kept him in my bathroom the first 3 days (which just killed me).  The first day I couldn't get home at lunch to let him out.  Bad idea!  BUT, these past days, he's not had any mishaps.  If I take him out first thing, lunch and when I get home, he's just fine.

We've learned a new trick.  When we are out in the yard playing,  he likes to jump at me.  Now when he jumps at me, he expects me to catch him midair!  Well, he's training me and I'm a slow learner!  He loves all his new toys and if I leave anything on the floor, he drags it off.

He's not fond of the rain so that's the only time it's been difficult for him to get outside.  I think he's learned his name, and he knows "bad boy"--you must have taught him that.  He gets his feelings hurt when I scold him so I know he is very sensitive.

I couldn't get any of the dog gates to work in my home the way it is laid out.  So, I got him a wire pin (pretty good size) and set it next to the back yard windows.  That way, he'll have plenty to look at.  That seems to be okay with him.

I have an appointment with the Vet tomorrow afternoon for his checkup.  He's just wonderful and brings me so much joy.  As soon as I can get a camera, I'll make pics.  Oh, I let him sleep with me but he doesn't seem to be so fond of that.  I think I'll try him in his bed tonight and see what happens.  Talk to you soon (and he's growing!).

Hi Bill.  Well, Roman is now 10.5 lbs.  He did well at the vet's office and received the remainder of his shots.  Good report on him.  He follows me all around the house so he is just pooped by the end of the evening.  He's a little handful.  I don't have his crate yet but I have a wire mesh circle (sort of like a baby pin) and the little man scaled it today (when I went home to let him out) so he had run of the house!  He's something!

I tell you, Bill & Angie, Roman is just the best thing that has happened for me.  He's really pretty much house broken (as long as I watch him), he can climb like a monkey!  I took him to Galveston yesterday (I'll send you pics) and we had such a good time.  It wasn't crowded so he pretty much had the whole place.  He would look up at me and have sand all in his muzzle.  I put the top down on my car so he had the experience of a convertible.  He was really tired when we got home.  He's not wild about baths but enjoys the blow driver in the morning when I'm getting ready--go figure.  He's GROWING.  I bet he weighs close to 12 #s!  I took him to the office Saturday and showed him off to my boss and others.  Everyone thought he was just beautiful (of course!).  Thought you'd enjoy the update.

Ann Y.


Thank you both so much!!  Diesel is great, and I've never had a dog that was this affectionate.  He's amazing, and has slept at the foot of our bed since the very first night that he was in our home.   You two were amazing as well with everything that you included with the purchase.  We couldn't have bought from better people.      Thanks again!!

Rebecca & Chris

Sophie Jane

Well our little Sophie is now a seasoned traveler.  Sophie travels so well - get her in a car or on the plane and she sleeps the entire time.  The draw back is that she is up all night, but who can blame her after nearly 8 hours of traveling.  Mark got a picture of her sleeping today with her front paws up in the air.  She is trying to be boss of not only us but the "queen" of the household, Maggie.  All if going well and she is one smart little dickens.  She has figured out how to jump up onto the stool by Maggies chair and is already getting the concept of doing her duty outside.  Even Maggie is warming up to this little critter and we are all in love and adjusting.  Thanks for making our journey to choosing Sophie so wonderful!

Sophie went to our vet, Dr. Sherwood, on Tuesday and is a healthy, happy, feisty puppy!  Like I had any doubt on that. 

She sure has settled in and is a little dickens and so strong!  She drug my kitchen rug into the living room the other day and loves to play tug of war.  We are working hard on housebreaking and she does her job when we take her out but has not got the concept to ask yet and I am on the hunt for a louder bell, we can not hear the ones you sent from our living room.  Sophie no longer cries when we kennel her at night or when she goes into her space while we are at work/school.  She has begun to enter her kennel on her own now.  Sophie is a joy and we spend a lot of time laughing even while trying to correct her, especially when you attempt to put on your socks and she is on the other end tugging away!

We are expecting our first snowfall here in the next 48 hours and I can't wait to see how Sophie takes to it.  We will try to get pictures of her introduction to the white stuff and then send on pictures to you.  By the way do you just want pictures as attachments?

Sophie sends her love.

Sophie is doing great and so is Maggie, even sharing the chair for naps!   She sleeps most nights straight through in her kennel and enjoys getting to cuddle in bed for a bit after Mark's alarm goes off.  Sophie is finally catching on that the bells are not for tearing apart but for going outside.  Speaking of outside, Sophie LOVES to play in the yard and this white, cold fluffy stuff is way too much fun.  We took pictures of her first venture out into the snow and I am waiting for my husband to download them off of the camera so that I can send you a few.  She has settled in and can be quite the dickens sometimes and not much gets in her way of exploration and fun.  I take her on outings and she is always a hit and everyone wants to know what kind of puppy she is and the little star loves all the attention.  Sophie is such a joy and a blessing to us and finding a breeder as special as you and Angie has added so much to the experience.

Well it has been a little over a month since our wonderful Sophie joined our family.  She is such a stinker and so darn smart!  Sophie is now completely housebroken and uses her bells with emphasis.  She loves to go for walks to the park, play outdoors, and  has earned herself a couple of baths!  Maggie seems to enjoy the little tike, sharing her chair and gets involved in a little play time.  Sophie has that Schnauzer attitude of taking on the world with the full understanding that one of us will protect her, especially from the "big mean green machine" better known has the vacuum. Sleeping in her crate lasted all of 2 1/2 weeks, she is now a resident of the bed along with Maggie.  We joke we have two dog nights all the time! At her vet visit the week of Christmas she weighed in at 7.2# and cuddled with anyone who would love on her.

Christmas was a blast, as Sophie thought the paper on the presents was for her personal delight. Needless to say our tree looked a little empty. She ripped into her gift with gusto.  I have attached some pictures from Christmas, the ones on my shoulder are Sophie's idea of my way to protect her from the vacuum, she climbed there!

Take care.  Many blessings in the new year!

Sophie and Toby are doing wonderfully.  Our big boy is now tipping the scales at just over 14# while Sophie is maintaining at around 11 ˝#. Sophie now has so much chocolate coloring in her, it looks like someone spilled an whole pot of coffee with cream all down her back!  She is sooo pretty, just has big ol’ ears!  Toby is a little stinker and will talk and cry to Sophie when he does not get what he wants and uses her ears as “take down” tools.  Sophie is still the boss and lets Toby know it in no uncertain terms!  They are off together next week to be fixed and will spend the night with Dr. Janet and crew before heading back home for some rest---yeah right.  These two play like the WWE!  We so love, adore and enjoy our kids and they had such a great beginning!

Wow the new site is awesome!  You have really put a lot of work into it.  Here is the latest update on our kids:

Toby now weighs a whopping 18# and while Sophie looks petite she is all muscle and actually weighs 16#.  They are both healthy, happy and VERY energetic dogs.  Mark says I can’t call them puppies any more since they are celebrating 1st birthdays.  It is hard to believe that it was just a year ago that I was waiting for Sophie to arrive and picking out that tiny little creature.  You made an understatement when you told us Toby liked to talk.  Toby has this incredible vocal range and talks to us all the time.  When you tell him “no bark” he will come in like a typical teenager and talk back to us, it is just too funny.  Today Mark told him not to bark and not to talk back and Toby’s mouth was moving but no sound was coming out and you could just see in his eyes the whole “but Dad you don’t understand.”  Sophie is so so smart, she likes to run outside and bark just to get Toby out there with her then she runs back in and steals the chew bone or toy, the ol’ bark and bait and Toby falls for it almost every time!  They keep our lives interesting and are such a joy.

Sophie sends a kiss for the birthday card.

Renee, Mark and family


Genesis is beautiful......It didn't take her long and she was chasing my 16 month, Elijah, all over the house.  Caleb is so excited and already a protective new owner. He told me to drive slower when I was pulling out of the airport parking lot.

Thanks again for all your help....I have attached a picture of CALEB and GENESIS....I think we have decided to name her Genesis Meeshu.

Cary, Tellye, Caleb & Elijah


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for this beautiful little dog. He is a bit of a shy guy, but I love him more than even I expected. He is so sweet and so funny. He flies off the couch and looks like a little flying squirrel. He has only had one mistake (or I made only one mistake) so far in house breaking. Other than that, all he does is steal the cat’s toys, try to steal the cat’s food, then we go for short walks and then he and I watch “The Dog Whisperer” together. Scooter often falls asleep during the show. Our dog walker has fallen in love with him, too. I can’t wait to get home at the end of the day to read the notes she leaves about the funny things he’s done during his lunch walk.

My sister absolutely loves Scooter. She was the first person we visited after leaving the airport (believe it or not).

Anyway, she and her husband were on your web site yesterday looking at puppies. I know that she is thinking she should wait until she retires before she gets one, but I have told her that I thought the same thing and I was so wrong. I love having Scooter with me now. Having someone walk him during the day, while I’m at work, works out very nicely. She also loves your multi colored ones, particularly the black and white or black and multi colored ones like Scooter. Of course, I don’t know if she’ll find one as good looking as Scooter, but I might be just a bit prejudiced. If I had to guess, I would suspect she may be looking for a little girl some time this spring... how can she resist with Scooter to influence her.

Oh, by the way. I am so glad we talked about a male dog. I couldn't be any happier and neither could he. His tale is going all the time... he loves attacking the cat toys (do dogs like catnip) and he’s so proud of himself when he has done his job (we have a pet island just for that purpose here at the complex) he truly bounds off the pet island and heads for the door. He has just learned to climb the steps and you’d think by his attitude that he had just climbed Mount Everest. He is so funny.

Scooter is an absolute wonder. He got his first “schnauzer” hair cut this past weekend. He looks like a little gentleman. I am trying to get a picture to send you. He is also so, so, so smart. He is already mostly house trained (or I am), he understands heal, he even knows that in the morning we go out and in one door and at night we go out one and in another to pick up the mail.  He also has a little girl friend (miniature poodle). She lives in the building across the way and Scooter waits to see if she is coming out before we head back inside. He has taken over the cat’s bed in my bedroom where Scooter lays while I’m getting ready for work in the morning. This was totally his idea. You have no idea how surprised and pleased I was that first time I left him out of his kennel while I was getting ready and when I stepped out of the shower, there he was in the cat’s bed. Too cute.

He has settled in nicely. I love this little guy so much. After work we usually go for a short walk around the building and then after we have dinner and we play with his toys for a bit, he lays down next to me on the couch and he falls asleep. Around 8:30 PM he wakes up and we go out again and then he chases the cat around until bedtime. He sleeps all night (a good 8 hours) and his days start all over again. On weekends, we travel around together. I keep him in his kennel in the car for his safety, but then we’ll walk together into the dry cleaners, or some dog friendly stores, he waits while I have my nails done, then we go to the dog park or for a little walk.

I know... I’m going on about my puppy. He is so sweet... everyone who meets him really can’t get over how cute he is. I passed along your email address to a woman who lives in my building and has been thinking about getting a puppy. When she met Scooter, she fell in love, too.

Thank you again... for all the answers to take any worry off my mind... and for this beautiful little buddy. What would I do without him... wait for retirement? What a silly idea.

I have to tell you that Scooter was just an amazing traveler. I was told just three days before the flight that I had been selected for a new position with my employer....in Palm Springs, CA. I packed one box for Scooter and two boxes of mine, shipped them to P.S. and two days later, Scooter and I took off on the plane. He was able to ride in the cabin, under my seat. He never made a peep. He was just the best little traveler. While we were waiting at the airports, he would play with all the kids (including the grown up ones) and even the flight personnel fell in love with him. When the airline failed to make connections in Phoenix, and were put up in a hotel, all the people helped to take care of my gorgeous little guy. I may not have gotten any dinner, if it hadn't been for him.

We have been here for three months, celebrated his one year birthday, and have settled in nicely. We get to walk twice a day and go to the dog park on Sundays. Scooter loves it here and he already has lots of friends. He now weighs 9.6 lbs and I think your vet was right.....you should have kept this one....but thank you for sending him to me.

I love this little guy and couldn't imagine my life without him.

Dee T.


Just to let you know that Ruby is doing so well!  What a great little puppy!  But then, you knew that already didn't you?!!!  She slept all night, no noise out of her!  And she slept late!  Must be jet lag!  The cats have kind of accepted her and all is well.  I just gave her a bath and she's sleeping in my arms as I write this.  What a fantastic personality she has!  When we pick her up she's so content.  Needless to say, we love her tremendously already.  Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives and for working so hard to get her to us yesterday.  I'll write more as she gets older and send you snap shots.



It was good to finally meet you and your wife.  Thanks so much for blessing us with such a darling little pup!  We decided to name her Jetta.  It seems to fit her.  We haven't run into any problems/concerns as of yet. Although I was a little nervous because she wouldn't eat or drink last night or this morning but her appetite increased throughout the day.  Evan is learning to be gentle with her.  He gets upset when she sleeps because he's ready to play but she ignores him and sleeps thru him saying "wake up Jetta" 

Thanks again for showing us such hospitality and holding our hands thru this new puppy experience.  I have recommended you guys to several friends. I even tried to convince my friend to buy Jetta's sister but she already has two dogs!!

Hey Bill & Angie,

Jetta is doing marvelous. I keep planning to send pics but I'm not as good as you guys at taking puppy pics.  I can't get her to sit still!  Evan and Jetta's relationship is good.  They follow each other around the house and keep each other company. 

She is so sweet.  Likes to take naps and likes to be rubbed.  As long as you stay in her sight she's a happy puppy.  Many thanks for blessing us with her.

By the way, I have a friend who's interested in buying a puppy.  She's waiting to see your next litter that will be ready on 11/29.  She's been looking locally also for pups but I'm getting her to see that you WEBEPUPS is the best way to go!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving and an even better Christmas.  I'll get on the ball and take some pics soon (after her next haircut) so you can see how much Jetta has grown.


Sophie Spirit

We really appreciate knowing all of the specifications of the flight. I love the list you made, it’s very thorough. It helps us be prepared like we should be for Sophie’s comfort.

Sophie is doing superbly. Everyone who meets her thinks she is the cutest dog they have ever seen. And everyone comments on her being so social. Dawna and I have witnessed how well you and your wife raised Sophie in the first two months of her life. We praise you often when talking to others; you definitely deserve it.

Sophie is growing so fast. She has incredible energy & is learning some basic commands already. Her gnawing on anything and everything has all but disappeared & she has been housebroken for almost 2 weeks now. We are very pleased and blessed to have her in our lives. You two have received endless compliments on the health and personality of Sophie. We have told those people that the ground work was done by your love and attention you give your dogs; Dawna and I simply have to continue your great example. We can never properly thank you for such a gift. Dawna and I have been talking about what would be good for Sophie and one of the thoughts would be another Schnauzer to be her compadre. Sophie is happiest when we take our daily walk in Baxter woods; where she gets to walk and play with so many other dogs. We sometimes regretted not getting a friend for Suzie Q and we want to make Sophie as happy as possible. With my disability and the vet bills in regards to our sorely missed Suzie Q., this will not be possible for quite a while. When it becomes possible, we will contact you and Angie for another “Dream Girl.” Take care and keep up the wonderful work you do with your puppies.

Rick, Dawna & Sophie


Thought you and Angie might enjoy some pictures.  Dash is just a sweetheart.  He loves everyone and loves to play all the time.  He has adapted very well.  Dash loves to wake up our son every morning for school.  Dash is a perfect match for our family.  I will send more pictures soon.  Merry Christmas!  Thank you again.

Tanya C.


Deb and I truly love our little Toby, and he has adapted well to his new home with us. His house training was no problem at all. And he has taken a special liking to Deb. As promised I am attaching a few photos. Thank You all so much!

Ralph and Deb


Just wanted to update you on how "Honeybun" is doing.  She is really adapting well, she is so sweet and beautiful and my daughter loves her. She has stolen my heart as well. She really is amazing and is such a good dog, I cant thank you enough!  I will take pictures over the next month and e-mail them up to you guys!



I would like to start out by saying thank you for Lily! She's been a joy to have around, she is like a little person who needs so much attention. She even sleeps with me, has her own pillow and blanket <lol>. She is tended to by my lab Bailey, since we brought her home Bailey thinks she's the mother and is very protective. I now have a total of 3 dogs, Bailey which i have had for 5+ years, Meagan 3+ years and Lily for a year. I couldn't have found more loyal and great companions anywhere else. So thank you for all the joy and happiness she has brought me. I will keep in touch more we are having family pics done and will definitely send you more updated photos soon.

My son and I thank you again!

Amy L


Dear Bill and Angie,

Just a note to let you know that Elsa is doing beautifully.  She's had her first vet visit and was pronounced "a very healthy, adorable and well adjusted puppy."  And she's only a little over 10 weeks old!  Amanda and I and, everyone who meets Else falls in love with her on sight.  And even the most hardened no pet fan has been knows to crumble into "awwwwws" and baby talk when they lay eyes on her.

Kudos to you both for raising this little girl with so much love and wonderful care.  She's completely paper trained and eats heartily three times a day (as per vet's consul).  She's gained almost 2 ozs. 

What more can I say,  we just adore her and feel fortunate to have such a wonderful and blessed addition to our family.

All our best to you both and your family.  Your puppies are second to none.  And you are wonderful people.

Our Elsa is doing just great.  We love her so much and everyone who meets her does the same.  We have found a wonderful vet and she has now had all her shots (for now) and he has pronounced her not only "adorable" but also and more importantly, "very healthy."  She now weighs two lbs!  She just gets prettier and prettier and her adjustment to our home has been remarkable.  She has such a great little personality and seems to be a very happy little puppy.  Amanda and I give her lots of love and attention and she is rarely alone.

Thank you so much for giving her so much love and care before we adopted her.

We feel blessed every day for having her in our lives.

Sonia, Amanda and Elsa


Awesome...Thank you so much Bill, you have been so wonderful! I have to admit that I was really nervous doing this long distance, but you have put me at total ease and made it so easy. You're very thorough and informative and just a sweet guy!

My first puppy (a toy poodle) I drove for 6 hours to go and pick him up! So when I was looking for a companion for him I looked and looked but couldn't find anyone that bred Chihuahua's that I felt comfortable with, except you and your wife. It's so hard to find good breeders. My husband doesn't know that we got this puppy, he's out of the country. He is going to be so happy with him! My Aunt has a tiny Chihuahua like Pogue, and he just fell in love with her!

I will call you as soon as I pick up Pogue. I'm sure I'll have questions in the days after I pick him up too, so we'll be in touch! Thank you soo soo much, we are going to love the heck outta this little guy!

Pogue is doing great. As long as we keep him on his schedule, he has no accidents. He is eating well, I keep giving him the Nutri-Cal once a day (about one inch), just to make sure he is getting enough to eat. We introduced him slowly to our other dog Nicholas (a 7 year old toy poodle), they have gotten along well so far and have actually played together! There are times when Pogue really wants to play with Nicky, and Nicky could just care less! Sometimes Pogue really gets after him barking and carrying on, it's quite funny, but after the first few times, I made him stop. I don't want him to get into the habit of irritating Nicky just because he can!

He is mostly attached to my eldest daughter (14 y/o) because he sleeps in his crate on her bed at night. Then during the day, everyone gets turns being with him, so he will be a social little guy. My mother is just in love with him. She calls both Nicholas and Pogue her grandsons! I've attached a picture I took last night of Nicky and Pogue sleeping on the couch.

The only thing I have been a little concerned about is the fact that he does not like to be left alone for any length of time. He whines and cries, which is normal. We haven't left him alone for more than a few minutes. But I've never had a puppy this small or young before, so I'm not sure what length of time is acceptable? So he goes everywhere with me! In his crate of course so no one can touch him. So if you could guide me a little on that note. Nicky was 4 months old when we got him, so this is very different...it's like having a newborn! We have barricaded the family room off so that we know where he is all the time when he's not in his pen in my daughter's room, and that little stinker is so smart! He figures out how to get out! Every time I think I fixed it so he can't get out...he gets out! He is definitely intelligent!

Diane S.


Just a few shots of Otto after his arrival. It's sure hard to snap a moving target. He has been just wonderful and very smart. Adapting quickly. Sleeps all night in his crate and is making friends with our other pets. Otto loves to be outside! And is already doing well with his house breaking training. He's a darling dog and gets lots of attention from all the teenagers and college students that run through my house. They come over especially to play with him. He is already tremendously loved!

"Otto" is just a wonderful puppy.  He is adjusting to my home and family just fine and it getting quite demanding about playing fetch!  He is so just fun and we love him.

It's hard to believe Otto is already nine months old.  He's grown and is very hardy stock, very strong and full of fun energy.  There's no other way to say it than he is just a sweet dog and loves to play, especially with his ball.  He brings you his ball whenever he can and drops it at your feet.  He has his secret hiding places for his ball as, even if I take it away from him at night to get us to sleep, he manages to find another one and drops it at my side.  He has also learned to roll over on command.  But he also know that if he wants a treat, he rolls over repeatedly trying to get one!  He just too funny.

All in all, he's just fine, healthy, growing and playing ball whenever he can!  There are times I almost wish I had bought two!

Bill and Angie,

Thank you for the birthday card for Otto's 1st birthday.  The year has gone fast.  He is a wonderful pet and an important part of my family.  Happy 1st Birthday Otto.

Best regards,

Vickie B.


Hi Bill,

It has been a month since we have received Hanz. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. I want to thank -you so much for all your help with the transfer from your home to ours in Los Angeles.  He fit in the first 5 minutes of meeting our family. He is so smart and cute. It has been a delight to watch both Hanz and our 11 year old golden named K.C. play together. Our cat, Chloe, is making peace with Hanz. I was a little nervous living in a condo and having a new puppy, but Hanz catches on to what you teach very quickly. I would have to brag and say he is an above average Schnauzer. I hope you don't mind me bragging about him, but he is a very quick learner.

Thank-you again.

Carmen and Mike T.

Abby Elizabeth

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know Abby is doing fine.:)   She is eating and playing with the other dogs she follows me every where i go.  She is doing good with the potty thing outside and she slept great - I have a big kennel bed for her by my bed.  She slept all night with no crying or accidents. I will only keep her in the kennel bed until she is trained then she will sleep where ever she chooses. I will be sending pictures soon.   Thanks again she is a real special sweet heart.




Thank you so much for the birthday card for Junior and Jeneral, that was very thoughtful.  The boys are doing great and we love them to death.  We were happy when they finally got passed the chewing stage and now they are very well behaved dogs.  They have such different personalities.  Junior is a snuggler, he loves to get on my lap and he is very affectionate;  Jeneral is very smart but he would rather be left alone, if he wants some attention it must be when he wants it.  They both have turned into a beautiful dogs and they bring so much fun to our home.

I have attached some pictures of them to add to you web site.

Thanks again,

Terrie H



Thank you so much for the birthday card for Junior and Jeneral, that was very thoughtful.  The boys are doing great and we love them to death.  We were happy when they finally got passed the chewing stage and now they are very well behaved dogs.  They have such different personalities.  Junior is a snuggler, he loves to get on my lap and he is very affectionate;  Jeneral is very smart but he would rather be left alone, if he wants some attention it must be when he wants it.  They both have turned into a beautiful dogs and they bring so much fun to our home.

I have attached some pictures of them to add to you web site.

Thanks again,

Terrie H


Elvis didn't eat much this morning - weird...of course Goliath hogged both food dishes - poor Elvis!  Yeah I think it's funny to see smaller dogs whoop on the big dogs.  

Sam (who, like I said, isn't normally a dog person) loves Elvis.  They cuddled together last night on the couch.  Elvis loves Sam too - gets so excited when he comes home.  They are cute - best buds!  Sam even kissed Elvis goodbye this morning-  don't tell him I told you!!! it's a secret :-)

Cael thinks Elvis is his & is very protective of him....every time I take him out for a walk (Elvis not Cael) Cael asks "will you bring my dog back?  he's coming back right?" and I have to reassure him that Elvis is just going pee!  He opens the blinds & watches to make sure we aren't taking Elvis anywhere.

The dogs are so great!  they really are - no problems at all - Goliath is getting the idea he can't pee inside - only 1 accident all day yesterday & so far none today.  Elvis has had NO accidents, none - that's why he IS the king :-)

Oh yeah - one more thing - Elvis was "singing" yesterday afternoon.  I took him to pick up the kids from school & there was another dog there & he was just singing as loud as he could - it was so funny. And he sang this morning to me when he couldn't get on my bed....I have a high bed.  I love it.  It's the cutest.

Elvis is loved & very spoiled :-)  Everyone here loves him so much

- as a matter of fact Cael & Genesis just got in trouble for fighting over him :-)  She wanted him to sleep with her & Cael wanted him to sleep in his bed and it started a fight and poor Elvis just sat there staring at them as they screamed at each-other!  It was cute (Elvis that is).

Well we appreciate it - we love that silly doggy.  He sings every time the deer come in our yard - it's so cute.  He HAS quit singing at 2 am which has made me so happy :-)

Just wanted to tell you that the dogs are doing great & love the kids & each-other.  Elvis hasn't had one accident inside - he's the king! :-)  This morning he ran to the door & sang for us then sat there till one of us let him go out - wow!  He's good.

Yep we got to hear his "singing" at 2:30 this morning.  That was fun! but we are going to let him sleep with us tonight hoping that will keep him quiet - neither dog wet their beds last night - that impressed me.



Bill & Angie,

We are so happy with little Lola May.  She is a bundle of energy that brings a life of her own to our home.  Skeeter and Lola are fast becoming inseparable, except when Mommy is around, then we are Velcro puppy to Mommy.  Every where we take her, people are drawn to her because she is soo cute!  We took her to the Vet and she already weighs 3.0 lbs.  She is able to walk a little bit farther every day, when we walk to the park and then Mommy carries her the rest of the way.  She is truly a Mommies girl.  She loves to play with Skeeter, tug of war, jumping on him and following him around all day are her main activities.  He doesn't mind her, it took him a couple days to realize she was here to stay, but now is more than happy to share treats and the bed with her.  Thank you again for taking such good care of her and meeting us and making a trip not so long.

Brandon and Jade M.


Bill and Angie,

Our apologies this email is so late in getting to you.  Boomer is now a year and half.  He's such a good boy.  He's about twelve pounds, and is such a handsome fellow.  We cannot believe the addition he has been to our family.  Thank you guys for bringing such joy to our family.  I'm attaching a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.  Hopefully, you'll be able to use some to update his portfolio!

Derral, Jamie and Rachel

Lady Gretchen

Hi, Angie & Bill,

Here are a few pictures of Lady Gretchen. She is just like a baby. She is getting prettier and smarter every day and is learning a lot of new tricks and behavior commands.

She is running the house, already, and has added a lot of joy to our "empty nest."

Brett & Betty C.


Hey Guys,

We are having a great time! We play till we stop and fall asleep. That is both of us!

Just a few pictures of Liesl. As you can see she is not intimidated by large dogs. That is my sister's Golden Retriever, Brooklyn.

Liesl is doing well, she is about 4 lbs now, and growing. She loves playing outside, and June bugs are her most favorite snack. She loves playing with the neighborhood kids. I am sometimes glad to let them wear her out, gives me a break. She is one ball of energy. Whew......

She is a very good car rider. She sleeps most of the time when we go places. I bought her a seat to sit in on her side of the car. She can see out the windows, and I do not have to worry about her wandering in the car.

We are still walking most mornings, that is when it is not raining. We walk early as it is getting too hot to walk after work.

I have the best known dog in town. People never pass me without asking how my new puppy is ... I do not mind, I love telling them all about Liesl.

It has been a while since I emailed pictures of Liesl. She has grown to be a very beautiful schnauzer. She is such a great companion. We have some great adventures.

She still loves the mud, so baths are pretty common around our house. She loves other dogs, cats, and we have neighborhood kids that call and come to our house just to play with Liesl.

Liesl weighs about 9 lbs. now. But she is still a little thing.

She is pretty possessive when it comes to her toys and chew sticks. My daughter visits with her Yorkie and Liesl will carry her chew sticks, toys, and etc. around with her just so Skoshie can not have it.

We walk every day and that is the highlight of her day. She thinks she is in 7th heaven when we are out for a walk. It takes us a while sometimes, because we have to stop and talk to every one so they can ooh and ahh over her.

Well I enjoy keeping up with your new puppies on your website. Hope you enjoy the pictures of Liesl. Have a great fall.



Dear We Be Pups,

I just wanted to write to say how much we are enjoying Pebbles. She is so much fun! She has been the easiest dog we have ever had to house train. She loves our cats & our cats love her. They chase each other all through the house. We have spoiled her rotten with toys & she plays with them like any child would play with their toys.

We take her everywhere with us & always get a ton of compliments on how cute & how friendly she is. A friend of ours even made up a "baby shower" gift for us with all kinds of treats & toys for Pebbles.

She has so much fun going to our friends & families houses that have dogs she can play with that we have started considering adopting another dog from We Be Pups. So keep us updated when you have more "babies". We have already started thinking of names for a new addition to our family. Cocoa. That way we would have Cocoa Pebbles!

Thank you so much for all the joy that Pebbles has brought to our life! We love her dearly!

Larry & Jennifer W.

Ms Lucy Wiggins


She (Ms Wiggins) arrived on time and has become acquainted with the other pups of our family.   Ms.W has the tendency to find laps which has won my younger sister's heart and my nieces heart as well.

She slept on my mom's lap for a little while which was nice. She is settling in well.

Thanks for everything-Jeannine

As the young lady is ready to turn a year, I had wanted to give you the update. We refer to her as Lucy Wiggins, ( Little LU). She has grown very attached to Zoey my other little dog and my nieces adore her. Lucy is very acrobatic and very loving. She has won the heart of my sister and sister-in-law and is readily asked for at all family events.

She did get a hair cut recently due to the weather and concerns for fleas and ticks, so, she is looking very Schnauzerish at the moment.

Thank you for my family addition. Hope her brothers landed in happy families too. I had hoped to send you a recent photo but, my brother in law down-loaded my camera. Funny thing, were as Zoey had little tips of black, Lucy as little tips of white so they look like salt and pepper together...

They cuddle up next to me at night. and have learned to share blankets and stuff.

I adore them. I couldn't have asked for a better match to my family

I will try and send you some photos. I thought you named her for that character (Wiggins) and she is was given the first name LUCY for another famous female comedian. She is well loved and very much the center of attn. in my home. She adores Zoey ( she is my other pup of 8 years) and they sleep, eat and play together. Lucy Wiggins has my nieces and one other dog to play with on a regular basis. She always makes me laugh and is a glutten for attention.

Lucy is very clever, she once got into my sock draw and got after some of Ellas stuffed toys after I thought everything thing was out of reach and secure. Do you remember the commercial about the cat and dog where the cat was the cause of it all, well, that was Lucy and poor piper and zoey did not know what to do. I am still chuckling over it all.

I love her she is a fantastic friend.



Here are some pictures of Buster. We want to thank you so much for our amazing puppy that we love so much. He is so spoiled here, we all have so much fun with him. He is getting along well with our BIG dogs and even likes our cats. He sleeps with our daughter Lily every night and is so good with our two year old.  We love the breed. He is so smart and has been so easy to train.

Mary M.