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  On this page you will find a fair amount of information that we share with those families that take one of our puppies home. We want to share this information with anyone interested as we feel it might be able to help someone with their new puppy. Periodically we will modify this page to include new information and possibly links to other sites that we feel might contain useful information.

First! Find a veterinarian! The veterinarian can be one of your pets best friends. We cannot over emphasize the benefits of having a family veterinarian that is familiar with your puppy and its medical history. We take every puppy we purchase to our veterinarian before the puppy comes home with us, period!

When you purchase a puppy from We Be Pups, we will send you the puppy's health record. The health record shows every vaccination the puppy has received and list each time the puppy is wormed. Any visits to the veterinarian are listed as well. You should take this health record with you and your puppy on their first visit to the veterinarian. This first visit with the veterinarian is a perfect time to discuss when to have your puppy spayed or neutered, when his rabies vaccination is due, when he should start on a heartworm preventative, and what products to use for flea and tick control.

The new puppy
How to carry a puppy
Vaccinations and worm prevention
Spaying and neutering
Crate training
Obedience training

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